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Another World? . . . No . . .A place on Planet Earth where many children go to bed every night without food, clothing or shelter.

DSC_0120Edith and I found this out after visiting India in 1986.  We just could not leave the country of India and pretend there were no hungry children, no unclothed children, and no children without shelter. We couldn't just say we'll pray for you and be gone.  While there, we adopted 10 children.  Two years later, we rented a building to house 30 children.  We began to share our vision with our ministry partners.  We now have 100 children in Vijayawada, India.
Our main goal is to raise up boys and girls trained in God's Word to take the Good News of Jesus to their nation of more than one billion people.  During my visit in 2003, I met three of the first 10 children we adopted eighteen years ago.  One is a minister, one is a nurse and one a politician.  We are raising up an army and making disciples.DSC_0118

Because there is not debt, we are able to provide housing, three meals a day, clothing and a Christian education for one year for only $300.00 per child.  Let us seize the opportunity while it is before us!! To sponsor a child or receive more information, please contact us.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.